Special Services



Field Trips

Rocking T Ranch is able to offer customized programs for Scouts and private groups.  Lectures, hands on activities and handouts are just a few of the opportunities offered. 



Vacation/Special Needs Stalls

Rocking T Ranch offers stalls for vacation or special needs horses on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  Custom exercise or feed programs can be developed for the horse while at Rocking T Ranch

The Ranch also offers select spaces for overnight travelers.  Over night guests are able to use designated turnout pens, arenas, wash areas and have a full bathroom with a shower for their convenience. 


Medical Out Patient Care

Rocking T Ranch owners are capable of handling most equine out patient needs.  This can include disbursement of prescribed medicines, wound cleansing, bandage changes, rehabilitation exercise and the charting of all care.  Working with the veterinarian’s medical orders, patients are kept in closely monitored stalls. 

For more information regarding these services, please contact Jim at 714-329-0126 or Carol at 714-514-5606